At Barberán we don’t only design machinery: we offer a complete solution. You don’t only take home a piece of equipment, but the support of a great group of professionals.

With the use of your machine incidences may come up, and Barberán will always be by your side.

Get an answer to any question, a piece of advice or fast and efficient support through our many platforms, may them be remote or on-site.


Ensure a perfect start to the production with your new Barberán machine through the installation on behalf of the best team of engineers and technicians.

Our team has a long expertise in planning and installing machinery and getting ready both the hardware and software of the machine for a smooth start up. A cost and time efficient process that targets both simple and complex lines.


  • Complete installation of the machine by a specially trained team on site


  • Complete training of the user at the facilities where the machine will be working


  • Analysis and monitoring of the first production runs


Our technicians will visit you in no time to provide an all-around support. We work with many technicians and partners to ensure that none of our clients is left behind and can get the help they may need as soon as they need it.


  • Worldwide coverage by a network of technicians and engineers who attend machine owners, wherever they are


  • Line examination by expert engineers to ensure its optimum state, and parameter analysis software to keep up with the machine data and performance


  • Short-term repair without causing extra production downtime


  • A maintenance plan that fits the user’s need and includes on-site visits and checks of software environment and working procedures by the machine operator.


Replace all of your consumables with a simple and fast process that arrives just in time and doesn’t in- terrupt your workflow nor takes up your storage space.


  • Technical help with the identification of spare parts


  • Spare pieces for every machine, no matter the year of fabrication


  • Customized spare parts for machinery that is designed fitting your specific requirements


Personalized advice


Get personal support directly from experts who can offer short-term solutions remotely.

No matter the distance, there is a solution near you through all our channels. Our team has you covered.


  • Get support and guidance from our technicians for everything related to our machinery.


  •  Optimize your production line with the advice of our experts.


  • Software support using desktop tools for remote sharing


  •  Access and download of updated manuals and information about incidents or problems with the machine, as well as a report once the service is finished and other preventive advices.

The new co-operation system offered by Barberan includes tools for remote technical support with Augmented Reality and Videochat to quickly identify the incident and give precise instructions to fix it. It works on any device (mobile, tablet, PC, smart glasses).

Customer access


Optimize existing lines with the newest developments or fields of applications by Barberán. Update any aspect of your machine, from a mechanical retrofit to a change of design, an updated control technology or improved software.

Our technicians and engineers can prolongate the life of the line by reducing its age-related incidences, keeping in mind any requirements you may have and maintaining a customized solution. Get a better profitability of your machinery by updating it regularly to improve its production time and its overall performance.


  • Retrofits tailored to the needs and machines of every client to increase its efficiency and performance through the years


  • Continuous updating of software and hardware