Company BARBERAN, S.A., located in Pol. Ind. Camí Ral, C/ Galileo 3-9, Castelldefels, is dedicated to design, manufacture, install and service machinery for lacquering, wrapping, digital printing and laminating in the surface finishing industry.

Hereby, as amended in January 2018, the Management of BARBERAN, S.A. establishes, transmits, and implements this Quality Policy that provides the reference framework for establishing and reviewing the Objectives of the Management System and is based on the following principles:

  • International Focus: We are a company with a clear global orientation that translates into products adapted to the specific demands of each of the export markets.
  • Innovation to make the difference: We must be able to offer cutting-edge technological solutions, detecting current and future needs. Constant innovation sets us apart from competition and we consider it a strategic value.
  • Customer orientation: We must be able to offer customized solutions, adapted to your needs through on-time delivery, product reliability, high levels of finishing, quick feedback in case of a problem.
  • Suppliers as a fundamental part of our business: Being aware that suppliers greatly affect quality, timeframe, and price we must identify and select the right suppliers for the purpose of the organization and establish mutually beneficial collaborative relationships with them.
  • The staff as our greatest asset: We are aware how important the staff is in relation to the product and customer service and how their involvement helps to achieve the objectives. That is why we must ensure motivation and communication at all levels of the organization as well as ensure the competence of all staff through continuous training.
  • Process orientation: BARBERAN, S.A. is committed to define, implement, control, and improve all the processes necessary to achieve the objectives in an effective and efficient way considering their interrelationship and the definition of all responsibilities.
  • Orientation to continuous improvement: To remain competitive, and to maintain or improve our position in the market it is essential to have the improvement of processes, products, and systems as a priority, based on data analysis for decision-making.
  • Compliance with requirements: quality service in all aspects, identifying and complying with all customer requirements, including legal and regulatory requirements.

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