New UV air disinfection device by Barberan

Barberan develops an effective UV radiation disinfection device against COVID-19 for industrial facilities

Castelldefels, 7 de julio de 2020.-

As a security measure for its employees, Barberan developed a UV air disinfection unit as soon as they got back to the factory after the lockdown last April.

This effective device can eliminate microorganisms such as virus (COVID-19), bacteria (E-Coli), yeasts and fungi in seconds. It is environmentally friendly and does not generate ozone.

Thanks to a long history and vast experience in UV drying and curing systems, Barberan has developed a prototype that is already operating at full power at their facilities and now made available to the customers or other industrial production companies that need to disinfect large work areas.

The new Jet Cleaner air disinfection unit is based on the studies carried out in the United States on properties of UV radiation to deactivate the coronavirus and other viruses and bacteria in the air. To achieve such disinfection, it uses UV radiation of 254 nanometers and the energy of at least 6,6mJ/m2.

The device is designed to disinfect areas with large air volume (industrial buildings, logistics and distribution centers etc.). It consists of an air inlet area with a particle filter, a high-flow fan and a tunnel with two high power UVC lamps. The unit can be anchored to the ceiling or a wall, it has adjustable inlet and outlet nozzles and a remote control.

JetCleaner by Barberan can be made in two sizes, X model for 400m2 spaces and XL model for 750m2 spaces.