PARQUET PANEL Gluing and pressing equipment for wooden parquet planks PRINTING & HOTCOATING PARQUET PANEL PRINTING & HOTCOATING Maximum scratch resistance for wooden or similar panels, plastic, or composite sheets


Machinery for flooring

Our production lines for floors include the latest technological advances to obtain products capable of withstanding the most demanding conditions of temperature and humidity without varying the surface quality; floor finish, with textures, haptic effects, and high resistance to impact and abrasion.


We design and manufacture gluing machines for wooden planks, LVT or plywood for flooring.

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Barberan produces machinery to wrap skirtings with foils to match the design of the flooring surface.

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Lacquering technologies for flooring supplied by Barberan offer maximum resistance to impacts, abrasion, and chemicals. Improved adhesion between the layers in the finishing process multiplies the quality and visual appearance of the final product.

Digital printing

We constantly innovate in digital printing and the generation of texture on the surface of wood derivatives, plastic material, or composites for the production of floors.

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Discover Jetmaster Series

Digital printing applications have no limit thanks to the technology developed by our engineers and our in-depth knowledge about different substrates. There is a suitable Jetmaster solution for each sector.

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