Machinery for other sectors

Our equipment is used in a variety of other sectors such as automotive, textile, footwear sectors or even for household appliances. For example, the formation of a panel inside a caravan, printing of footwear or lacquering an electronic plate can be done with Barberan lines. They all have one thing in common: flawless finish and customer satisfaction.


Our laminating and gluing systems are specifically tailored to each process, which is why they can be used in such diverse sectors. Gluing a sheet of waxed paper to a flexible board for the packaging of cheeses or applying special products on automotive textile material are some of the many projects we carry out.


Since 1929 we have been manufacturing lacquer application systems of all kinds with efficient solutions specially designed for each production process in different market areas.


With more than 90 years of experience, we have worked out versatile ad flexible technologies to suit customers in many sectors. Barberan wrapping machines can be found in all types of factories, and the products they make in any area of everyday life.

Digital printing

Our goal is to offer impeccable quality and continuously improve. This led us to research and design Single-Pass digital printers for any type of flat material in any sector.

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