Machinery for the furniture industry

Always with cutting-edge technology, at Barberan we develop machinery that allows our customers to offer up-to-date products according to the latest trends on the market.

We manufacture lamination, lacquering, wrapping and digital printing machinery for the furniture industry.


Laminating and gluing equipment for manufacturing different types of panels, edge-shapes, with numerous references of materials in sheets and rolls, innovative design and efficient production.

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We adapt our finishing processes to the new tendencies on the market and offer technologies to achieve high gloss and deep super matt with anti-fingerprint effects, digital texture, showing high scratch and abrasion resistance.


Progress in hotmelt adhesives over the past decades helped us to develop wrapping technologies for profiles and drawer sides among other applications for furniture that withstand demanding conditions of temperature and humidity.

Digital printing

Our Single-Pass digital printing solutions help our customers meet the market demands for greater personalization and exclusive designs by offering the flexibility to change designs quickly without any extra cost for templates or rollers.

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