SANDWICH PANELS Assembling lines for sandwich panels, used in construction industry MINERAL PANELS PRINTED PVC SANDWICH PANELS MINERAL PANELS PRINTED PVC Production and finishing lines for wall and ceiling gypsum and cement-based panels and others Inkjet digital printing lines for PVC wall panels and ceilings SANDWICH PANELS MINERAL PANELS PRINTED PVC


Walls and ceilings

We have different solutions for surface finishing of gypsum panels, drywall, plaster boards, PVC and other panels, used in construction and decoration sectors as lining for walls, ceilings, partitions, etc.

Production lines for sandwich panels, lamination, painting, lacquering, and decorative printing.




We produce heavy-duty PUR and PVAc lamination for the construction sector (walls and ceilings).

Our lamination and gluing lines can be double or single-sided and work with PVC and vinyl in rolls, special decorative foils with anti-humidity characteristics.

Barberan edge post forming lines are also used in the construction sector.

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Installations for sealing, painting and finishing of mineral-based and other types of boards with UV or water-based products.

Gluing/ Indexing

Using Barberan PUR gluing lines, our customers manufacture sandwich panels used in the construction sector as isolation for inner and outer walls, partitions, etc.

Digital printing

Barberan Jetmaster is an inkjet Single Pass printer for decorative digital printing of wall panels and ceilings made of gypsum, plastic, metal or other materials.

Discover Jetmaster Series

Digital printing applications have no limit thanks to the technology developed by our engineers and our in-depth knowledge about different substrates. There is a suitable Jetmaster solution for each sector.

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