PL & RP Series

Profile wrapping machines with wooden veneer, CPL or paper and EVA/APAO hotmelt adhesives by means of a roller.

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PL Series

PL Series allows working with any kind of hot melt, including PUR, if necessary.

It is built for higher productivity and includes a melting tank and a spindle for better spreading of the adhesive on the application roller.

The machine can be connected to an independent melting unit.

PL Gluing head is Teflon coated, can be regulated in height for a more accurate adjustment between the wrapping material and the profile.

Machines model PL can go up to 1300mm in width, which also allows wrapping panels.

Same as the RP series, PL machines can be equipped with an unwinding station for rolled materials and many other options for increased productivity on demand.

RP Series

RP Series is a basic profile wrapping machine for hot melt (not suitable for PUR adhesives), designed for small or medium productions with maximum application width upto 280.

Its standard design is built for veneer in sheets, however, it can be equipped with an unwinding unit for fleeced-backed veneer in rolls, CPL, or paper.

RP series have additional options for increased productivity, such as, double unwinding station, higher capacity for melting system, quick tool change systems and many others.

It can also be included in a wrapping line with an automatic profile feeder and separation saw, if necessary.

Manual quick tool setup system

Optional equipment for wrapping machines, which allows the operator to setup the machine in just a few minutes being ready to wrap. The system consists of a drum that carries toolbar rows oriented according to each profile shape.