CA & CA-P Series

System for manufacturing “L” shaped profiles for adjustable door frames.

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CA model

CA model is designed for gluing two strips of wood together (also MDF, HDF, particleboard, plywood etc.) to make a 90-degree angle profile.

This machine is equipped with a bedframe, necessary guiding and pressing tools for the horizontal and lateral pieces, a roller application head and a tank for EVA or PO hotmelt adhesives.

With two CA machines in line and corresponding feeding systems, we can also build “U”-shaped profiles in one pass.

CA-P model

CA-P model for “L”-shaped profiles is equipped with a gun application system, instead of a roller, which gives us the opportunity to work with PUR adhesives, if necessary. The melting equipment in this case is a separate unit and connected to the applicator gun by a hose.

This system allows to achieve invisible joint in the L-shaped profiles, which is important in case they are wrapped with thin foils afterwards.

Our CA and CA-P “L”-shape profile building lines usually include an automatic profile feeder and a milling station for shaping the edges, if necessary.

CA model

CA-P model

Double production