Serie Compact Line

Compact PUR or EVA hot melt laminators for paper, PVC or CPL foils onto MDF or chipboard.

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Compact Lines Serie includes laminators where the glue is applied to the panel (models Compact Line and Compact Line HG) and to the foil (model Compact Line Foil).
Compact Line Foil allows wrapping the foil around the edges of the panel when it is equipped with a separate module with wrapping tools and trimmers.
Model Compact Line HG is designed to laminate transparent high gloss foils on design surfaces (printed or melamine) by applying and smoothening the glue before calander pressing. This allows to achieve an extremely smooth and even high gloss surface.

Compact Line HG can also be used with other types of foils and raw panels as all the models of the Compact Line Series.

Compact Line Series

Compact Line Foil

Compact Line HG

Compact Line Foil + MPF2