CAL Series

Roller calander machines with cold rubber or cold/heated metal rollers to press the unwound foil or sheets against the panels in the lamination or gluing process.

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CAL-2 & CAL-4

Heavy-duty pressing roller calender with a counterpressure roller. The pressing roller is heated which allows smoothening the surface of chipboard or similar panels in a paper foil lamination line before glue application.

Option for hydraulic pressure up to 100kg/cm.

CAL-H-2 & CAL-H-4

Pressing roller machines with cold rubber or cold/heated metal roller and counterpressure rollers.

The rubber is ideal for roller pressing the panels with irregular surfaces or slights relieves.

Options for metal cold or hot rollers are available, depending on the project.

The CAL-H-4 model is a double roller calendar for higher production speeds.

Option for foil unwinding unit for PVC, CPL, paper or other materials in rolls.


Embossing roller calender with an engraved steel cold roller allows to create decorative texture on the surface of the panels.