MER Series

Filler application machine with a smoothing head to achieve a perfectly smooth surface.

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This roller coating machine is primarily used to close surface pores, scratches, knots or other imperfections on panels, made of wood, plywood, particleboard or similar.

It is equipped with a reverse smoothing system and dosing roller.

Depending on the type of board and required process, MER Series can have different:

  • conveyor system (belt or roller)
  • width up to 2400mm
  • additional options like product temperature control, driven wheels to move the machine out of the line for cleaning, etc.


Reverse system

The turning of the smoothing roller in a reverse mode achieves the required sealing effect and uniform surface.



Exclusive support system

Barberan roller coaters are equipped with an exclusive support system on four columns to obtain maximum stability during the application.