BRB & BRN Series

Roller coaters for the application of transparent or pigmented base and topcoat lacquers, primers, oils and stains on flat surfaces.

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Lacquering machines of BR series can be single or double-sided and vary in accordance with their:

  • transport conveyor (roller or belt),
  • roller types (rubber density, rills or no rills, double system etc)
  • width,
  • additional options like lacquer temperature control etc,

adapting to customer´s requirements.

Precise grammage control

Our roller coaters have a specific design that allows to get a uniform layer over any flat surface and precise grammage adjustment for controlled production.

Rill Roller system

BR Series can be equipped with rubber roller with an exclusive fine grooved surface that facilitates a uniform spreading of the product over surface of the board.

Reverse system

This system is based on an application where one roller rotates in the normal direction and the second roller – in the opposite direction. The reverse system allows to apply thicker layer than those achieved with the conventional roller system. In addition, the smoothing effect of the counter-rotating roller makes the coat exceptionally smooth and even.