U-shaped profiles


High-performance installation for forming and wrapping U-shaped profiles intended for decorative shelves.

This line is equipped with devices and options that ensure an uninterrupted workflow.


We start the process with the pieces coming directly from a moulding machine where they have been previously mechanized to have a 90º V shape folding groove inside.

Wrapping top & bottom

These pieces will enter a top and bottom wrapping machine with two slot nozzles for double-sided application. Here we have double unwinding stations in order to ensure a constant and uninterrupted workflow using automatic splicing for spools.

Cut & groove gluing

After the wrapper, the pieces will go through a flying saw for a separation cut. Then, we have a transfer and a gluing unit to apply the adhesive into V – grooves before the pieces proceed to a folding machine.


There are automatic cassettes in this part of the line that oblige the sides of the profiles to fold upwards. After that, the pieces proceed to the unloading station for further manipulation.


Customized solutions

With such a process we provide practical solutions for customers making decorative shelves or picture frames.

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