Chipboard Edge Sealing


This new edge sealing system applies fillers on the porous edges of chipboard pieces for obtaining the same density as on the surface. This expands the possibilities of wrapping and allows to get perfect finish even with thin materials.

The system is designed to be integrated into new or existing wrapping lines. The process begins with a thorough surface and edge cleaning for the subsequent application of hot melt fillers on each edge, followed by pressing and smoothing. This way, the edge is homogeneous with the surface of the board and is ready to be covered with low-density materials.

The process is completed with a smoothening phase after the wrapping that highlights the finish quality.


Cleaning & Sealing

Top and side brushes for cleaning start the process before the sealer is applied.

The fast-hardening hot melt sealing product is applied to each edge by means of an adjustable nozzle with automatic approach, pressure, and width adjustment in accordance with the edge area to be treated.


After its application, the filler is reactivated with a set of infrared lamps and pressed before the second application.

In this system, continuous cooling and high pressure are combined to smoothen the edges.

Second sealing

The application of the second filler, with the same characteristics as the first, can be integrated with the existing wrapping machine.

This process is developed only to wrap with paper foil and use EVA adhesives.

Final smoothening

The final smoothening phase is carried out after the wrapping.

At first, the second sealer coat is smoothened by means of hot pressing. After that, it is being cooled continuously and dried.

Customized solutions

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