Vertical wrapping line


Our extensive experience in the manufacture of automatic wrapping lines for different types of profiles has led us to carry out projects for high productive vertical wrapping installations for drawer sides made of chipboard or MDF, using hot melt adhesives (EVA/PUR) and materials like PVC, PP, and paper.

This wrapping technology includes a specific feeding system for this type of profile with automatic positioning and a vertical separation saw between tall pieces to finish the process.

Barberan integral solutions prove once again their great reliability, high quality and performance.

Feeding system

This line includes specific feeding system where the workpiece is introduced horizontally.  After that, the transport moves the workpiece flat to the point where it is automatically turned to vertical position. The pieces are fed vertically into a wrapping line at synchronized speed.

Workpiece preparation

To ensure optimal wrapping quality the piece goes through the cleaning and preheating area before it is wrapped. A set of brushes removes all the dust particles from the surface and infrared lamps help to obtain adequate adhesion.

Gluing station and 360º wrapping

Gluing station applies the hot melt adhesive to the foil (slot nozzle application).

The machine is equipped with a double unwinder and automatic splicing, and the piece is wrapped 360º by a set of tools for vertical profiles with the foil overlap on the bottom edge.

Vertical cutting saw

The process ends with a vertical flying saw equipped with an electronic programming for number of cuts, workpieces and their sizes.

Customized solutions

We manufacture tailor-made machines and design equipment that best suits your needs, if you are interested in wrapping profiles in vertical position … contact us.

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