Wrapmaster for windows


This complete wrapping line includes options specially designed for PVC and aluminum profiles such as application of primer, necessary for this type of materials, and is prepared for both water-based primer or solvent-based primer.

Its careful design provides greater stability to the profile, ensuring a quality finish in high-speed production. In addition, it includes various automated processes to increase productivity by reducing start-up and operation times.

Suitable for all types of profiles, this line can wrap with all types of rolled plastic material or paper and of any weight.

Water o solvent-based

Well studied configuration of this primer applicator system means an increase in the performance of the production line and considerable cost savings.

It is equipped with an automatic grammage control and dosage program that guarantees a very precise product application. Besides, the pumping from the primer tank is automatic to ensure a uniform supply on all parts of the profile.

The applicator felts have optimized maintenance as they are interchangeable through a quick and easy change system.

Glue application and foil

To achieve an optimal and high-speed wrapping process, we have a double foil unwinder with automatic regulation of the braking tension and roll diameter detector.

The unit includes preheating of the foil to improve adhesion, automatic centering so that the glue application is very precise and automatic splicing to reduce downtime and increase effective productivity.

The line also integrates a rewinder with cutting unit for the start foil, which avoids wasting the first profile, and a cut at the end of production.

The glue application system to the foil has an integrated melter. The adhesive is applied by a slot nozzle with adjustable width that is automatically adjusted and controlled from the control display which expands the production possibilities without wasting any material.

The automatic cleaning system facilitates line maintenance tasks.


Wrapping and cutting

The wrapping area is configurable with any Barberan system, from bar systems, such as cassettes, to automatic positioning system with recipes.

For a clean-cut, without chips, dust, or electrostatic charge, we included a cutting system that carefully stretches the foil in between the wrapped profiles before separating them.

It separates the profiles with a minimum distance between them by creating a speed difference. The blade only cuts the foil, this system does not cut the profile.

This helps to achieve a high speed synchronized automatic production process without loss of performance.


The line has a centralized control screen to manage all the automatic processes for maximum productivity and efficiency, including:

  • speed


  • adjustment of profile and lamination width


  • dosage and grammage of primer and adhesive


  •  foil and profile temperature


Customized solutions

We manufacture our wrapping machinery, based on the demands of the market and its specific branches, in particular.

If you are interested in laminating PVC and aluminum, contact us, take advantage of the flexibility, versatility and efficiency of our lines.

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