Double-sided profile wrapping with automatic tool positioning

This double-sided wrapping line is prepared for all kinds of profiles (wooden or similar, plastic or metal) and includes automatic tool positioning and a number of Industry 4.0 innovative systems.

RFID, integrated into the line, simplifies the tool change process and makes it more automatic: each profile toolbar is identified with a unique code.

Some of the other novelties of the line are real-time visual process control thanks to the integrated video camera and collection of production data.


Priming station

After cleaning and preheating, the profiles go to the automatic priming station.

This innovative system is highly productive and works for water- or solvent-based primers.

Automatic primer dosing guarantees homogeneous application for all profiles.

The caring and mindful design of this automatic priming station is aimed at increasing productivity, which is also observed in a quick change felt system for faster and easier maintenance.

Unwinders and application of adhesive

Another special feature of this wrapping line is the double-sided application.

Both, top and bottom, unwinding stations include double spools, diameter detectors for automatic regulation of the foil tensión, foil centering devices, and rewinders for start foil to avoid material waste.

This reduces downtime in the manufacturing process.

The adhesive is applied to the backside of the foil by top and bottom slot nozzles, equipped with automatic width change and automatic cleaning through the central control station.



RFID tool positioning

RFID is used in a wrapping zone of the line for the positioning of the toolbars in the automatic revolving system.

This technology significantly simplifies the correct positioning of the wrapping tool bars for each profile.

Each bar has a unique code that helps the system to identify and automatically turn the revolver in the right position for the required profile.

The program of the machine allows to introduce wrapping recipes for each profile. Once the profile recipe is selected by the operator, the control of the machine automatically positions the revolver.

Trimming and cutting

At the end of the wrapping process, the line includes trimming cutters and a diagonal separation saw.

The transport wheels of the separation saw are automatically positioned for each different profile from the main control point when the operator chooses the profile to wrap.



Customized solutions

Our machine manufacturing system is based on the needs of the market and its specific branches.

If you are interested in PVC/Aluminum profile wrapping, contact us for a flexible, versatile, and effective solution.

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