Our continuous research with various materials and the development of new processes help implement new production methods that improve quality and allow us to obtain impeccable results with coating materials of any type and density.

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Wrapmaster for windows

Special wrapping line for non-porous surfaces such as PVC or aluminum, using primer application.

Drawer sides

High-performance installation for vertical wrapping, using hot melt adhesive, for drawer sides made of chipboard o MDF.

U shaped profiles

High-performance installation for forming and wrapping U-shaped profiles intended for paintings or photograph shelves.

Solutions for Industry 4.0

Línea de recubrimiento bilateral para todo tipo de perfiles (madera y derivados, plásticos, metal…) con posicionamiento automático que integra un buen numero de innovaciones tecnológicas de Industria 4.0.

Chipboard Edge Sealing

This new system applies filler on irregular board edges, expanding the wrapping possibilities being able to obtain a perfect finish even when thin foils are used.