Sandwich panels


Semi-automatic line for gluing decorative materials in sheets on large panels with difficult forms.

The line is designed for bilateral lamination of heavy panels for the interiors of the train carriages and equipped with automated loading and unloading systems.

The materials used in this line are plywood core and PVC or other plastic sheets that are glued together to form a sandwich panel.

Similar process can be used with chipboard, MDF, HDF, XPS, cores etc. and sheets of different types: metallic, plastic, melamine, etc.

Loading station

Our automatic panel loading system equipped with suction cups is specifically made for the heavy weight panels, used in this production line.

The stack of boards is placed into the feeder and the loading system automatically deposits the boards on the transport table to go on to the gluing stage.

PUR gluing

Before applying the adhesive, the panel goes through a brush cleaning and a pre-heating area that prepares the surface for optimal bonding.

The application of PUR adhesive is done by top and bottom metal rollers on both sides of the panel.

Double-sided lay-up station

In the lay-up area, the operator places the lower skin on the table so that the transport can place the glued panel on it.

The operator then places the top sheet on the panel and the sandwich panel passes to the pressing rollers.

Turning/unloading station

The process ends with a 180-degree panel turner that places the board in the unloading area automatically.

Customized solutions

We manufacture customized machines and design equipment that best suits your needs, if your project uses other materials than described above, contact us, we can help you.

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