Kitchen worktops laminating and postforming system


This postforming line is designed to glue and post-form HPL laminates on kitchen tops with different edge shapes, including no drip edge.

Technological innovation, quality, and reliability are brought together in one line. It is equipped with various systems to guarantee the perfect positioning of the laminate material, an innovative gluing method with the application of PUR adhesive to the surface of the board and the application of PVAc adhesive to the area to be post-formed, which allows post-forming in line, in a single process.

The line includes a centralized control software that facilitates the adjustment of all the parameters.

Panel gluing

The gluing system included in this line is a combined PVAc – PUR technology.

At first, the PUR adhesive is applied to the flat part of the kitchen top by a roller and then, the PVAc adhesive is applied to the molded area of ​​the edge by a gun to achieve a homogeneous adhesion of the HPL sheet over the entire surface of the countertop.

Lay-up station

An innovative traction system feeds the HPL sheets to the lay–up area, where they are placed on the glued worktops with precision, and then proceeds to calender for pressing the flat part and post-forming zone with molding tools for the edge.

Postforming & trimming

In a first postforming area, the HPL is adjusted to the shape of the edge and the lateral excess is trimmed. Then it proceeds to the folding of the edge and, finally, to the bottom area of ​​the worktop, which is also trimmed to align the HPL sheet to the bottom laminate.

The postforming process includes all the necessary devices such as surface heating or adhesive reactivation systems.

This line includes a group of tools for postforming different shapes, even 1.5 mm.


The process ends by creating a protective bottom groove that is filled with hot melt adhesive that prevents the drops from getting further inside.

The line includes a gun application system for this final process.


Customized solutions

This line is an example of a postforming installation.

We are specialists in manufacturing customized solutions, if you are interested in producing other types of kitchen tops, contact us, we will advise you and find the solution that best suits your needs.

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