Manufacturing of metal doors


This production line for metal doors with honeycomb core is fast, precise and efficient.

It is formed by honeycomb stretching and drying tunnel, including a cutting system to cut the honeycomb to door size, gluing and half-automatic assembling station. The line needs to be equipped with a cold press.

The honeycomb stretching tunnel, included in this line, expands and fixes the core in a perfect shape and adequate position for the door assembly.

Honeycomb core

The core of these metal doors is made of honeycomb cardboard. It is supplied in a folded state and then stretched and dried in a hot air tunnel till it reaches the correct shape and size.

The drying process makes the cardboard acquire greater rigidity and hardness by losing moisture.


After its stretching and drying the honeycomb is cut by a pneumatic system to match the length of the metal door frame where it will be placed.


This line includes a double-sided gluing machine for PUR adhesive for precise and uniform application. The honeycomb core is glued from the top and bottom. PUR technology implies lower grammage in comparison with other systems and an increase in productivity.


An automatic assembling station accurately introduces the honeycomb core inside the bottom part of the metal door, then the operator places the top cover it.

The process is complete in a cold press.

Customized solutions

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