Honeycomb doors


In Barberán, we build machinery as to your specific requirements.

One line, two jobs!

This door production line represents how versatile our equipment can be, allowing us to perform two complementary operations with the same line.

Automatic gluing and laminating of door skins with decorative foil and semiautomatic process for gluing and assembling of the door skin with a honeycomb core.

Optimized production with no downtime.


1st Process

Gluing and laminating of door skins

This line can laminate all the door skins, required for the later door assembly.

Automatic working mode for this line starts with cleaning and preheating of the substrate (door skin) before PUR glue application to the top surface, from where the substrate goes directly to the calander, using the assembling station merely as a transport table.

Proceso 1

Encolado y laminado de pieles con folio decorativo 

The calander is equipped with an unwinder for top foil laminating over previously glued substrates. It also includes a cutting system to separate the door skins automatically.

Besides, the use of the PUR adhesive at this production stage gives the door better resistance against humidity and temperature changes. It will prevent the skin from swelling or bulging in whatever environment it is placed in.

2d Process

Door production

This process uses an already formed honeycomb core structure.

At first, we clean and preheat the core for better application and adhesion of the PUR glue.

The line uses a double-sided roller gluing station to apply the PUR adhesive to both sides of the core.

PUR technology allows producing more doors per minute with less grammage than any other system.

Proceso 2

Formación de puertas 

We combined two consecutive assembly stations in this double-sided line. The first station lays the bottom skin, and the second station lays up the top skin.

The station transports the glued core with a clamp system and places it over the skin, previously prepared by the operator. Then, the core goes to the next station, where the operator manually places the top skin.

Our process ends with the roller calander press for the assembled door and needs to be completed by a cold press.

Tailor-made solutions

If you are interested in door production, you can also check our automatic honeycomb stretching and door forming tunnel.

We manufacture customized equipment that best suits your requirements. If you use other materials in your project… contact us, we can help you there.

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