We offer solutions for a wide range of laminating processes. Robust machines for large panels, customized laminating and postforming projects, high productivity manufacturing lines for honeycomb doors, laminated boards, “J” pull handle in one pass: all of these with Barberan “know-how” and guarantee.

Customized assessment

Enhanced capacity lamination

Chipboard, MDF, HDF, gypsum, and other boards laminated with different kinds of foils at high speeds.

Honeycomb doors

One line – two jobs.

Automatic gluing and laminating of roll materials over door skins and semiautomatic production of honeycomb door sandwich. Greater efficiency and output.

Manufacturing of metal doors

High performance metal door production line, using honeycomb core.

Kitchen worktops

Customized solutions for special projects! HPL kitchentop postforming line, prepared for small radius edges up to 1,5mm and No-Drip edge.

Integrated finger pull handle

Laminated panels with integrated finger-pull handle, 30º, 45º angles or “J” pull.

Sandwich panels

Installation equipped with automatic loading and unloading systems for the bilateral lamination of heavy panels.