Wood flooring lacquering line


High performance, precise and reliable finishing installations for printed flooring with low production costs and high flexibility.

The printing of different types of substrates like PB or MDF requires to treat the surface before printing. This treatment makes a huge influence to the printing process improving both, quality, performance and even saving ink costs as well.

The digital printing on treated boards is ideal for all those who want to be fast and flexible when it comes to print a lot of different, customized wood pattern designs upon demand on flooring tiles. Last application after printing will be a high gloss topcoat and anti-scratch product.

  • High-performance installations
  • Flexibility (design change)
  • Stock decrease
  • Production on demand
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Turn-Key Solutions

Texture & visual effects

The exclusive Barberan technologies allow you to simulate wood, not only with a high visual effect with the synchronized gloss/matte printing, but also including a texture with the synchronized 3D pore application or using an embossing calender get a surface with a real wood touch.

Maximum resistance

The abrasion resistance is achieved by applying a basecoat that contains aluminum or silicon oxide particles. Increase or decrease the number of particles leads to having a higher or lower abrasion resistance level. A layer of a protective coat can be applied then before sanding and top coating.

Classification according to European standards