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For almost two decades Barberan has been the leader in the development of single-pass digital printers for furniture and flooring industries, manufacturing high-quality printers that can reproduce in a hight reallistic manner any wood, stone, and other surface designs at high industrial production speeds.

To make it seem authentic, you need to create sensations, so both haptical and optical perceptions have been obtained with our patented technology embossing in register; BARBERAN DEEPBLUE. Our great team of professionals from all over the world constantly develop, study and improve on exisiting and new tools, allowing us to be at the forefront of our field. This innovative and advanced system can generate any of texture effects that convey the perfection of natural materials in flooring and decorative panels.

Barberan DeepBlue solves the main issue with the existing technologies: design sharpness and texture depth. Unlike with other technologies, the texture is not generated directly by printing on the board. The jetable material modifies the properties of the wet coat only in selected areas of the pattern and at different depths and then the texture is generated.

Cleaning & Acconditioning

Roll coater for the application of products, adhesion primer, base coats, printing primer and curing tunnel.
The adhesion primer allows to achieve perfect bonding on a wide range of different materials like wood, plastics or other materials.


Jetmaster Digital Printer

Single-Pass Digital press for widths up to 1890mm. It can print in a wide gamut of colors with special UV ink combinations for better quality and less metamerism.


Single-Pass digital press synchronizes digital patterns to create a texture effect. It prints on a specially formulated ink onto a previously printed and coated panel modifying the properties of the coating in the pre-selected areas.

Texture Revealing

In order to obtain both haptical and optical perceptions, our patented technology embossing in register; Barberan DeepBlue comes into place.

We will conclude with a roll coater for the application of a top coat, gloss or matte finish. It is compatible with excimer technology.



Barberan DeepBlue is available with Jetmaster printers 1260, 1610, 1750 & 1890 mm wide.

Describe us your project, we will advise, design, and manufacture a solution that best suits your needs.

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