For over a decade Barberan has been the leader in the development of single-pass digital printers for furniture and floor industries, manufacturing high-quality printers that can reproduce wood, stone, and other surfaces at industrial speeds.

But to make it seem authentic, you need to create sensations, and that’s where Barberan focused their efforts with trueTEXTURE®. In collaboration with ZeeTree, Barberan developed a technology that totally changes the concept of digital printing for furniture, flooring, and deco industries.

This innovative and advanced system can generate infinite texture effects that convey the perfection of natural materials such as wood or stone. What makes it so special? trueTEXTURE® resolves two problems of the previous technologies: the accuracy of design and the depth of texture.

The depth of texture

trueTEXTURE® gives a possibility to create a great range of depths, from 50 to 200 microns and can generate different gloss levels, which apart from the tactile sensation, also adds exceptional optical depth.


The accuracy of the design

Barberan Single Pass Jetmaster prints on a panel with a previously applied primer coat. After that, we apply a protection layer and a base coat for the texture.

Realistic texture

The digital texture design pattern is printed to the previously printed image on a panel with a base coat for the texture, jetting the liquid specially designed to modify the properties of the base coat layer.


Unlike other technologies, trueTexture uses a brushing station to generate texture after UV curing.

Custom production

trueTEXTURE® is available with Jetmaster printers 690mm, 840mm, 1260mm, 1890mm and 2100mm wide.

Describe your project to us, and we advise, design and manufacture a solution that best suits your needs.

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