High Gloss INERT line


Barberan innovative Inert system for the topcoat curing in our High Gloss lines allows us to shorten this part of the line, improves the surface quality and mechanical properties of the finished product, and ensures higher productivity.

Apart from the High Gloss finish, our Inert system adds the possibility to produce Super Matt and textured surfaces.

Inert technology uses PET foils in the UV curing process. PET can be High Gloss, Super Matt microstructured foils, or structured foils for generating textures.

The UV products we use in our High Gloss lacquering line are 100% solid and do not produce emissions into the atmosphere.

In addition to a variety of finishing effects, this system can be used in line with our Jetmaster digital printer for unlimited surface designs.

Inert curing, exceptional finish

Inert High Gloss line has the same configuration as our High-Gloss Hot Coating line throughout the production process, except the finishing phase.

Thus, the first step is to clean and preheat the panel so that the application of the Hot Coating product is optimal and its adhesion to the surface is perfect.

After this first application, we cool down the board and apply the sealer to cover any imperfection.

After that, at the next surface preparation step and after UV curing for the correct adhesion between the layers, we apply a layer of base coat. It is applied by a specially designed roller for higher grammage and exceptionally uniform surface.

Then, the surface is sanded and any marks from the sealing and base coating process are removed. After sanding, the panel is carefully cleaned to get ready for the topcoat application.

Curado inerte, acabado excepcional 

The most outstanding feature of this lacquering line is our Inert High Gloss system in the finishing phase. This curing method offers greater hardness the final product and best quality of High Gloss.

The machinery that intervenes in this process applies the finishing layer and, immediately after that – a foil to level it. After that, when the foil is still in contact with the lacquer, we use UV radiation for immediate drying of the topcoat.

The curing takes place in an inert environment with no air between the foil and the lacquer, which gives the surface better optical and mechanical properties.
After the curing, the foil is carefully removed from the surface and rewound, the panel then proceeds to final curing and the application of protective film.

*At Barberán we work with the best producers of sanding machinery.

Customized solutions

If you would like more information about this process, please contact us, we will advise you and together find the solution that best suits your production needs.

We have a testing laboratory with highly qualified personnel to work out the most suitable process.

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