Great Success of InertCoat System at LIGNA 2017

The INERT COAT System from BARBERAN, presented at LIGNA 2017, was particularly noticeable due to the high-quality results which is able to achieve. This system aroused great interest among the visitors at the booth in Hanover.

The INERT COAT system is a high-performance process for finishing panels applying a layer of UV varnish which is immediately smoothed and dried. This method also includes an unwound transparent film which is placed on the surface after topcoat application, so that this layer can be smoothed and dried afterwards. The result: a surface of exceptional properties, which really convinces optically as well as mechanically. An ideal solution for finishing surfaces in those cases where highest quality is required.

The INERT COAT solution is successfully used in Barberan HIGH GLOSS HotCoating installations to offer the highest high gloss surface quality in the market.