Since its establishment in 1929, BARBERAN, S.A. has been characterized by respect for the law, honesty at work and the commitment to its workers and social environment. All this and the personal commitment of its founders has allowed the enterprise to become a leading company developing products of high industrial value for both, domestic and international markets.

This group of values, result of a long business tradition, is included in our CORPORATE ETHICS CODE in which BARBERAN S.A. agrees to assume the highest social, ethical and legal responsibility, in the development of its activity in front of the community, our competitors, partners, suppliers, representatives, customers and governmental as well as international institutions.

The company BARBERAN S.A. bases all its activity in values like business honesty, legal compliance, environmental sustainability, equality, respect and professionalism and a responsible behavior as a liable corporation.

BARBERAN S.A., is singularly committed to these principles by adopting a Criminal Compliance Program, a set of dynamic and efficient organization and management measures including surveillance, control and appropriate sanction in order to prevent criminal behaviors and activities inside the company.

BARBERAN, S.A. rejects any kind of corruption involved in the achievement of commercial and industrial advantages. For this purpose, the company maintains fair and transparent relationships with all public institutions and private entities and refers to its prevention policy against all types of extortion, bribery and use of privileged information.

Transparency is another of our guiding principles and therefore we herewith would like to promote and encourage all our employees, partners, suppliers, representatives and customers to communicate confidentially, through the COMMUNICATIONS CHANNEL, any kind of possible violation of our Corporate Ethics Code and the specific legislation that endorses it.

Mr. Jesús Barberán Latorre

Managing Director



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