Barberán introduces new finishes for corrugated

New developments on finishes are available now for Jetmaster digital printing presses

The leading company on digital printing Barberán has introduced new finishes for corrugated for the Jetmaster digital presses, which will allow to widen the variety of finishes in which Barberán’s clients can print. These three new developments upgrade the machine by making it even more flexible and versatile.

Matt OPV has a really quick drying time, and an excellent rub and abrasion resistance. An enhanced endurance makes it perfect for all kinds of packaging. The low migration technology makes it suitable for non-direct food contact application.

Spot Varnish is a selective finish with a variable gloss effect to meet every customer’s needs. It also has a variable coating thickness and a high speed in registered lacquering. This new development betters the different options for the client’s product. Spot Varnish makes a determined area jump, making for bolder looks and feels.

The new system of white ink allows the use of brown corrugated, or any other colors, maintaining an excellent quality and color deepness. This technology, 100% digital, situates the inks only where it is meant to go, which translates in a complete optimization of the used product quantity.

This new finish is available for the Jetmaster digital presses. With a printing width of up to 1890mm, it can print on 4 or 6 colors (CMYK + orange and violet or CMYK + light cyan and light magenta). This increased chromatic resolution, in conjunction with the matt finish, the spot varnish and the white inks, offer the customer a way to improve their corrugated products.