Barberán Installs the First HPL Line to Work with Fine Panels on India

Barberán, leading company on machinery for surface finishing, has installed the first HPL line in India. Stylam, based on Panchkula, is Asia’s largest HPL manufacturers and exporters, and have added a Barberán line with a new capability: it can work with panels with a width of 0’8 mm. Until now, the standard thickness had been between 10 and 15 mm, making this an innovation that sets a new standard and will step further in the HPL laminating manufacturing.

The machinery that Stylam has incorporated to its headquarters can do both high gloss and super matt finishes. It also processes panels to make them suitable for outdoor use by making them highly resistant to rough temperature and humidity condition and to sun exposure, which makes them perfect for applications such as cladding of facades or outdoor furniture.

The configuration of the line includes different modules to provide a complete solution. A MER-N-1600 applies varnish to conceal pores on the panel; a BRN-RR goes over with a high-precision, thick varnish application; and a BHG-1600-F applies high gloss UV varnishes onto the panel. All the modules are conceived to fit into a same width, same speed production line, and are oriented to get the highest possible quality based on the latest technologies while covering every aspect of the production: even the cleaning or the maintenance of the machine are integrated on the process.