Barberan at Ligna 2023

26th May 2023

A few days after the Ligna we have been able to see what Barberan has been putting all its efforts into, we tell you about it!

Barberan, a leading company for surface finishing technology, presents its cutting-edge Deepblue digital technology together with Unilin Technologies, licensor of the industrial and intellectual property rights.

This innovative technology offers impressive speed, precision and versatility that is unique in the industry, enabling flooring producers to produce customizable, high quality flooring products with great flexibility.

The future is here: with Deepblue EIR, the flooring industry can now embrace digital printing and revolutionize the way products are created. Our technology allows manufacturers to produce unique, customized designs not only with the highest quality and versatility, but also while maintaining cost efficiency.

The revolutionary roll-to-roll digital printing line is designed to print and apply a topcoat, transforming raw roll materials into finished products. The Barberan Jetmaster digital printer is the centerpiece of the line, with an impressive 600 dpi resolution and the ability to print up to 6 colors and accommodate widths from 630mm up to 1300mm. This is complemented by a series of finishing modules, which enables you to obtain limited finished designs in multiple materials, giving you the flexibility to create a wide range of stunning products with finished effects, both haptic and optical textures.