Barberán at LIGNA 2017

Barberán will present its innovations in the areas of laminating, wrapping, lacquering and “Single Pass” digital printing.

As a novelty in laminating and gluing sectors, Barberan presents the new Compact Line HG, a compact laminator for the application of PUR glue onto the board to overlay it with transparent, bright foil obtaining as result a high quality surface. This system is ideal for coated or printed boards in which the application of transparent foil enhances and protects the printed design.

Another innovative laminating process applicable to some Barberan machines as well (SpeedPress, Compact Line Foil and profile wrappers) is the new textured panel lamination. With the application of glue onto the foil and a special pressing system, the lamination of textured raw panels can be easily achieved. These panels, due to their type of surface texture and acoustic insulation properties, are used in both, furniture and wall paneling sectors. The glue used in this process is PUR hotmelt type and the lamination is performed with special roller that adapts to uneven surfaces.

In addition, their PUR gluing systems present some innovations that automatize and shorten production and maintenance processes. The built-in automatic grammage control system, along with the automatic cleaning system, automatic preheating or quick roller changing system in less than 5 minutes leads Barberan’s PUR glue spreaders to be the most automated machines in its market sector.

In Hannover will be also a postforming machine in line with a Compact Line Foil laminator on display. Thanks to the glue application on foil’s back it is possible to postform the overhanging glued edges at the outfeed of the laminator using this postforming machine.

From the profile wrapping sector, Barberan will demonstrate their wrapping machine PUR-33-L. A wrapping machine with hotmelt glue application on foil’s back, built-in automatic foil centering and splicing device and automatic quick changing system of wrapping tools, ready for three different profile types.

The new wrapping machine PUR 46 FR will be also demonstrated at Barberan’s booth with high gloss and high grammage foil. The machine will wrap drawer fronts with integrated handle. Among the features of this model are the special lamps for high grammage/high gloss foil postforming, automatic initial and rest foil rewinding at production start and end to increase productivity.

Inert High Gloss is the new Barberan system for best quality high gloss finishes. The new Inert system applies, smoothes and covers the lacquer, preventing particles from penetrating the surface. This new lacquering solution runs transparent foil over the panel throughout the flattening and curing process of lacquer. This foil is unwound and rewound at the infeed and outfeed respectively. After this application a panel polishing phase gives more smoothness to the touch and a visual finish without imperfections. The result: the highest surface quality in the market.

Among the High Gloss/Hot Coating, the Ligna-visitor will be also able to see the “Super Matte” finish with finger-print protection and soft-touch effect.

This year’s LIGNA edition marks 10 years since Barberán presented its first single pass digital printer for the industry there. Jetmaster Series 2007 – 2017.

With a continuous innovation and more than 30 “Single Pass” printers produced and delivered around the world, Barberan will present a complete printing line with the most advanced digital printing technology for panel and paper to be used in the decoration sector, which includes digital application of white base color and finish coat.

All printing lines that will be presented in Hannover will show improvements in matters of speed and quality as well as further application possibilities to open more and more digital processes to the woodworking industry.